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Honda Saddle Bag 


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Rs. 3,000
Location: Kanpur, Lucknow
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Reason of Sale:Incompatible with my bike 

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Name:Shival Tiwari
Forum ID:neochanger

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It's a saddle bag for touring purchased from Honda Bigwing showroom about an year ago. The bag is waterproof, has lots of pockets and great storage capacity and is made of durable material. It cost me Rs. 4500/-. The only issue is that it is made for bikes like Honda Highness which has straight/flat exhaust pipe whereas I have CB350 RS which has an upswept design. Since at the time of purchase, I didn't have an option so I bought it but later realized during my first ride with this bag that the bag's bottom is touching the heated exhaust which had got slight burn marks (no damage though). I quickly fastened the bag to some height and kept checking during the trip to prevent any further touch. Since then the bag has never been used and is kept in extremely good condition in its cover. If your bike has upswept exhaust design, then I won't recommend it. If you have bike with straight exhaust, then it's good enough. The bag is very useful and has good connecting straps, reflective lines and everything you look for in a saddle bag.

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