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VW Polo Coverwell Car Cover 


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Rs. 2,900
Location: Pune
Delivery:Pick-up only 
Variant:Waterproof in Black 
Valid Warranty: 
Reason of Sale:Sold my Polo 

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Like new condition Coverwell branded car cover for VW Polo.
(willing to ship with delhivery courier, shipping cost to be paid by buyer at actual cost)

I have only used it on the car for about a week and then sold my car. Used on VW Polo GT 2016 model but should fit any current gen Polo. Perfectly fit my Polo and is soft on the inside so safe to use on detailed cars (my car was fully detailed at Aquatint Pune and cover did not cause micro scratches or swirl marks etc.

It is waterproof, UV and dust resistant. Has strong elastic so it will never come off the car even in heavy winds.

Bought from Coverwell last year but not used since then. The model as per their website is "Waterproof in Black" with MRP 4500. (

Please see Coverwell reviews on the forum, they are very good quality covers and much better than VW OEM quality:

Cover is a bit dusty but has no tears or marks etc. There is a pouch for the cover too that is included. Sorry don't have any more pictures as don't have the Polo anymore to take pictures.

Any questions please call or WhatsApp.

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