BMW Boot/Footwell Net 


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Rs. 3,109
Location: Gurugram
Condition:Brand New 
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-1 New BMW Boot/Footwell Parcel Net/4 Fasteners for INR3109/-. BMW sells this for INR3886/-. This item is made in Germany and can be used with any other vehicle brand.

-I am offering it in new condition at 20 percent lesser than what BMW sells it for. Also this item is only available in back order with a waiting for about 1 month.

-This item can be collected from Sector 81, Gurgaon anytime or can be shipped anywhere in India at an extra cost. I have proper packing materials to ensure that it is transported safely.

-Refer to the images for more details.

-Call 9971798593 if interested!

-Thank you for looking!

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