Evenflo Spectrum Car Booster Seat 


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I had bought this booster car seat for my son around 4 years back, through amazon. It was imported from US, and had cost me upwards of 14k back then.
My son has now outgrown it. However, the seat is in perfect condition, and is like brand new.
I am looking to sell it, to anyone who can pick it up in Delhi NCR.
A small review of the seat, that I had written when I had bought it:-
1. Good construction. Feels sturdy and well put together.
2. Very very comfortable. The best part is the rests on the sides of the head area. Prevent head from drooping sideways when the child falls asleep. This was my biggest worry as children inevitably fall asleep on long drives and drooping heads negate the advantage of correct seat belt positioning achieved by such seats. The side head rests got tested during a drive to Jaipur back then, where my son slept peacefully all throughout with his head rested on these side supports.
3. The rests on the sides of the head are also designed to provide safety to head during side impacts. And you can make out they will do a good job in this once you see them. I feel this is a great advantage and an added safety feature, which will compliment the curtain airbags.
2. Sized perfectly. The size can be adjusted to accomodate the child as he grows. This is expected in such seats.

And I will also give one additional car booster seat (without back rest), free along with the seat. This can be used in your 2nd or 3rd car, as a back up seat.
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