Car & Bike White Wall Tyre Inserts 


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Rs. 1,300
Location: Mumbai
Condition:Brand New 
Delivery:Willing to ship 
Variant:8'' to 19'' Size 
Valid Warranty:None 
Reason of Sale:Manufacturer 

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Name:Darryl Menezes
Forum ID:Highwayman
Dealership:AUTO RUNNER
Phone:+91 9821047448

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All Sizes Below are in Stock.
8'' for Bikes, Price Rs 600/- each
10'' for Bikes, Price Rs 600/- each
12'' for Cars, Price Rs 800/- each
13'' for Cars, Price Rs 1000/- each
14'' for Cars, Price Rs 1100/- each
15'' for Cars & bikes, Price Rs 1100/- each
16'' for Cars & bikes, Price Rs 1,200/- each
17'' for Bikes, Price Rs 1,200/- each
18'' for Bikes, Price Rs 1,300/- each
19'' for Bikes, Price Rs 1.300/- each

Whatsapp on 9821047448
Willing to ship on actual.
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