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70mai Rear View Dashcam + Rear Cam 


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Rs. 12,400
Location: Bengaluru
Delivery:Pick-up only 
Variant:Rear Mirror Dashcam 
Valid Warranty:Standard 
Reason of Sale:Just like that 

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Name:Shikhar Madhok
Forum ID:kmadhok

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Selling a like new 70mai Rear mirror Dash Cam + Night Vision Rear cam along with the Hardwire kit.
Purchased from Nexdigitron, the authorised dealer for 70mai just this month in May 2022.
The total price for the 2 is Rs 13,400. I am selling for Rs 12,400
This fits on to the Internal Rear view Mirror of the car. Biggest plus point compare to other Dash Cams, it does not take up any additional real estate of your dashboard or windshield. In fact, gives you a larger IVRM. This simultaneously records from both the front and rear camera, giving you extra details in case someone brushes you from the behind. The clarity of both cameras is awesome.
The additional Rear Cam also doubles up as a reversing camera. Using the settings you can set it to display the rear view when the car starts. While driving you may switch off the display and use it as a normal mirror.
Can be powered by the cigarette lighter (easy install), or can be attached to the fuses using the included hardwire kit (2 steps more to do). Can also be hooked up to the reversing tail light to automatically display the rear view when engaged in reverse gear. 

Link to the products:
(a) 70mai Rear mirror Dash Cam + Night Vision Rear cam
(b) Hardwire Kit (unused)

Will include soft copy of bill.
Easy to install.I did a DIY install in my SUV. You will see the camera installed on my SUV, and can check the quality of the cameras and displays before you buy. What this means is I will uninstall only on confirmation of purchase. You get exactly what you see. Should you need help I can help to install in your car as well for free. 
Reach out if you would like to see samples of videos recorded.
Looking to sell as I may sell the car soon.
I believe in optimizing use of time. Will not be bargaining too much. This is already in my SUV. If I dont sell I will continue to use.

Pictures show: (1) Display with Front Dash cam view (2) Display with rear cam view (3) Display off, you can use as normal IVRM (4) Rear Dash Cam (5) Product Packaging (6) Product Packaging (7) Hardwire kit(unused)

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