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Rs. 4,800
Location: Hyderabad
Delivery:Pick-up only 
Valid Warranty:None 
Reason of Sale:Upgrading to GPS Dashcam 

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Name:Joel Chandra

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I bought this camera after a lot of research. I ordered it in Sep 2017 from the Amazon USA site and it was delivered in Mexico where i currently live in Oct 2018. It is a fantastic product  and it has be rarely used. You can probably see one of the videos on youtube that i have uploaded for the video quality. It has both the morning and night drive samples.
Morning Sample:
Evening/Night Sample: 

The actual quality is atleast 100% better than what you see here but i had downgraded this for the upload as upload speeds in Mexico is pathetically slow :-)
I have the original box and if required i can also give you the receipt that i have received from The unit does not come with a SD card. You will have to buy it seperately. I was using a 8gb spare drive that i had with me and it does the job decently.  For one of my trip which was a 1200Kms trip which would take more than 10Hrs, I had borrowed a 64gb sd card and at HD quality, it gave me 8hrs of recording after which the loop recording started. 
I am giving it away at almost the same price i have bought. I will be in INdia in the last week of December and if i get the price i need, i am willing to let go of this.

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