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PU Bushing for Honda City type 1 & 2 


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Location: Bandra, Mumbai
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Name:Darryl Menezes
Forum ID:Highwayman
Dealership:AUTO RUNNER
Phone:+91 9821047448

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Complete set of suspension bushes.

For better and sharper handling.

Polyurethane Bushing is Made in India with Indian Components and the Highest Quality Polyurethane.

Why use Polyurethane (PU) for your vehicle suspension bush requirements? Polyurethane, PU, is an ideal material for making vehicle suspension bushes. combination of high tensile strength and elasticity translates into immense durability in the toughest conditions. Polyurethane vehicle suspension bushes have excellent resilience, springing back in to shape effortlessly to absorb shock and prevent dirt ingress and wear. Polyurethane vehicle suspension bushes don't age or perish - rubber vehicle suspension bushes both perish and are attacked by oils and fuels. Polyurethane has great versatility at low temperatures with typical service temperatures ranging from –40ºC to +80ºC.

·The rubber vehicle suspension bushes failed after 5,000 to 15,000 cycles

·Polyurethane vehicle suspension bushes lasted 55,000 cycles

·Polyurethane vehicle suspension bushes were measured at 10 to 15º C cooler than the rubber bush while operating on the test bed.

Willing to ship at buyer cost on actuals.


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